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Running with Dogs

If you have never considered getting into running with your dog before, its never too late to start.

Maybe you've always wanted to be a bit fitter but have never thought about taking up running because  doing it alone seems a bit unfulfilling.
With no-one to compete with or share the experience it may seem difficult to sum up the incentive, but if you have a dog you will probably have a willing running companion who won't complain about the weather and who will also gain a lot from the shared experience.

Dogs are social animals and love human company. Many also love running.
The relationship bond between a dog and its owner is founded on the interaction between them and sharing time in a fulfilling manner improves and strengthens that bond, especially with breeds like the Border Collie, who instinctively look for shared experience.

Improving the bond between you and your dog increases the dogs respect for you and its willingness to follow you as leader and obey your instructions.

Running is an inexpensive way of getting fit and staying fit.
You set your own goals, targets and regime.
Running with your dog gives you and the dog an extra return in companionship, shared experience and mutual respect - Go for it. What have you got to lose?

Click on the "Parkrun" link in the left side menu to go to a page with 3 ideas on how to get started and build up to a 5 k running distance.

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Starting out

Unless you and your dog are already experienced runners (your dog probably is, but maybe your staring from scratch) you need to plan and organise how you are going to get started.
As with all forms of exercise, taking it steady to start with avoids the risk of doing yourself (or your dog) an injury - or actually damaging your health by over doing it!

If you suffer from any form of medical condition, speak to your doctor before you start.
If you are starting from scratch, get some expert advice from fitness trainers to enable you to set up a regime that does not over-stretch your physical abilities.

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Running with your dog is an inexpensive and fulfilling way of getting fit.

Many serious Marathon runners have dogs as their training partners and many more are discovering the benefits of having a canine running companion.

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Start gradually. Build up to whatever level suits you - and the best of luck to you both.

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