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News stories and articles

There’s something special about running around where you used to live.
The sub 20-minute 5K dream is getting closer for Mark Armstrong but will his body take him there?

Why Dogs Are Better Running Partners Than Humans
Most running magazines will tell you that the first step to finding a good running partner is choosing someone who has the same fitness level.

The best helmets and cycling safety equipment for children
Cycling gives kids freedom and independence, makes the trip to school or the local park fun, and of course provides a welcome exercise boost.

London Marathon: Five inspiring stories from runners taking part
A world record 386,050 people applied to run the 2018 London Marathon via the ballot - the highest number of applicants for any marathon in the world.

Tossing up a ton o’fun at the Scottish Games
Savannah, Georgia, USA celebrates a Scottish presence going back to Oglethorpe

Running Was My Saviour During Post-Natal Depression
I believe that physical activity played a huge role in my recovery

7 tips to consider before you go running with your dog
Keep yourself and your dog fit and healthy by taking them on your run – here are some things to bear in mind before you hit the road.

Amputee's incredible journey from surgery, sepsis and testicular cancer to sporting success
Every member of Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games will have overcome obstacles and train hard to represent their country. That is the nature of top level sport.

Why U.S. Women Marathoners Are Having a Moment
Four of the 10 fastest Americans clocked those times in the past 14 months.

How Strenuous Exercise Affects Our Immune System
It seems that a long, tiring workout or race can amplify immune responses, not suppress them

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