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There are many ways to start running with your dogs. Here are two.
This is the first - Parkrun

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5 km timed runs at venues around the world.
Many of these are located in the UK.
They are open to everyone and are safe and easy to take part in.

Parkrun events take place in pleasant venues all over the UK and abroad and anyone of any ability can take part.
In many of these venues it is possible to run with your dog, although the limit is one dog per runner and in some venues the use of a proper running harness is mandatory.

Getting you and your dog fit gradually

Whether you are running with your dog or on your own, if you are new to running and want to make it more of a social occasion it can be worth joining in with other runners who can show you the ropes and help you on your way.
When you are running with your dog is important that you both train together to achieve a level of fitness and gradually increase the distance according to your ability so a 5k target is a good one to start with.
Parkrun can help you get started.

Have a look at the Parkrun website and see what it's all about

It's a good way to get started in the company of more experienced runners.

Train at home and on your own.

The next one to look at is from the NHS

If you are a loner and would prefer just the company of your dog and the sound of the wind in your ears as you run, there is some sound advice on the NHS choices website about starting running with a dog.

Follow the NHS 'Couch to 5k' programme with your dog as your training partner.

There are many health benefits detailed on the NHS website which apply to both you and your dog, other advantages include boosting your confidence and self-belief, reducing stress and combating depression; your dog will be happier, more content and the bond between you and your dog will be stronger.
Fit and healthy dogs live on average 2 years longer than an overweight dog.

If you have any health concerns about you or your dog, consult your doctor or vet before starting the programme.
Dogs should be around 1 year old before doing too much exercise to ensure growth plates in their legs have matured (large breeds may take longer).

Whatever you chose to do, start slowly and build up and enjoy running with your dog.

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