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Useful Dog Video Gallery

A series of short episodes about the Border Collie, directed by Jim Closs.

Click the arrow symbol in the centre of any video you want to play.
These are all Standard Definition videos and can be watched in full screen mode by clicking the box symbol in the bottom right corner of the video frame, but the quality will deteriorate..
The Gear Cog symbol enables download quality to be set. If you have a good connection choose best quality.
If you connection is slow and the video pauses, chose a lower quality.
Move your cursor off the video when you've done to enable the full frame to be seen.

USEFUL DOG - episode 1.

USEFUL DOG - episode 2.

USEFUL DOG - episode 3.

USEFUL DOG - episode 4.

USEFUL DOG - episode 5.

Colliewood Films is our in house production company

Like all of us in BCR, those who make the videos work as volunteers.

If you want to get involved with making videos for Border Collie Rescue, get in touch with us.

Colliewood Films has its own website where more of our videos can be viewed.

Link to Colliewood Films website.

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