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Sponsorship package information

If you want to run and raise funds for Border Collie Rescue, whether it be by taking one of our guaranteed spaces at an event or buying your own place and running for us, we want to offer you as much support as we can.

The first thing to do is to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can register you as a runner and start to put things in motion.

The guaranteed spaces we have booked in some events actually cost us a higher fee than would be charged to a member of the public entering themselves, so if you took one of our guaranteed places we would expect you to agree to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship if we allocated you one of these spots.
The amount of sponsorship we would want you to commit to would depend on how much the event charges us.
If you have booked your own place in an event, this condition would not apply.

We would also charge you a registration fee to cover some of the costs we incur in securing your place.
Again, if you had already booked and paid for your own place, this condition would not apply.

If you take one of our guaranteed places and reach the sponsorship target we have agreed with you, you would have the option to have the registration fee we charge you refunded.
If you had already booked and paid for your own place, this would not apply unless you agreed to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship for us and reached your target, in which case we would refund you the entry fee you paid to the event organisers to book your place.

Some event organisers stipulate that we should charge a minimum registration fee and seek a minimum guaranteed level of sponsorship in order for us to allocate you a guaranteed space at their event.
In these instances we would adhere to these conditions, but this would not prevent us from refunding you any registration fee if the sponsorship target is met.

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Sponsorship package

We would supply each runner with -

A fundraising pack to help you in raising sponsorship.
A letter of authorisation stating you are raising funds for BCR in the specific event.
A page on our website to raise your profile.
Help setting up a MyDonate event page for online debit or credit card sponsorship. *
A vest or T shirt to wear on race day and keep as a souvenir.
Support and advice in training for your chosen event (if you need it).

In some events we may be able to provide support on the day at the event, but as we are a small charity with limited resources, we cannot guarantee this.
(If you are raising money to support our dogs, perhaps you may feel better about it if we are not committing an unreasonable amount of it to supporting you!)

Many events have their own goody bag and runners support service available to all entrants.

* We use BT MyDonate because, unlike similar services, they do not charge us a fee or take any percentage of donations.
The only deductions from donations are the small charges for processing the card transaction - all the rest comes to us.

People who choose to enter any of these events and raise funds for Border Collie Rescue, have a choice as to how we use the funds they raise.
They can choose to have their sponsorship money earmarked for our work in England and Wales or in Scotland and can also choose if the money they raise goes to our Central fund to help pay any of our bills, or to our Welfare fund, to be spent directly on the care of dogs.
It does not matter if the event is in England or Scotland, the runner has the choice.

If you are new to running, or have got a bit out of practice, it is important that you train correctly to build up your fitness gradually, so allow plenty of time for this before any event you chose to enter.

If you need professional support as part of your training program, Full Potential offers a range of coaching options for all runners, regardless of age, experience or fitness.

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