Andrew Edwards - Fundraising for Border Collie Rescue

Andrew Edwards  of Leeds ran in the Leeds Half Marathon to raise funds for Border Collie Rescue on 11th May 2014.

Intention -
To run in and complete the Leeds Half Marathon  - 13 miles - and raise funds for Border Collie rescue in the process.

Andrew Edwards
Hi, my name is Andrew Edwards and I'm 25 years old.
I'm originally from Stirlingshire in Scotland but have been living in Leeds for the past six years now.
I originally moved down to study but after falling in love with the city I decided to stay.
As a career I run a small recording studio with the aim of producing quality recordings for small bands and artists.
What inspired me -
Both our dogs, Abbie and Teaghan, were born on farms from working dog stock but were the runts of the litter.
This meant they were deemed less than desirable as working dogs in comparison to their siblings. Abbie was subsequently passed straight onto a rescue centre whereas Teaghan was initially sold to an elderly couple.
The couple however could not cope with her energy and frequent need for attention so she too was then passed onto a shelter.

Such experiences in their formative years coupled with the breeds propensity to become attached meant that both dogs initially had issues settling with another new family.
The way we tackled this was to ensure we took the dogs on long walks as a family unit, helping them both adjust to us an individuals but also as a group. This also kept both us and the dog fit, healthy and therefore happy.


I eventually took up running in my late teens. To begin with I went out alone but eventually began taking Teaghan out with me for company.
At first she was a little confused by the extra pace, which was usually reserved for play time, but once she settled in she turned out to be a rather good pacer!
Forget Strava or your high tech gadgetry. I found the running helped both me and her focus.
Her presence helped me keep a consistent pace and she slowly stopped disappearing off into the woods looking for adventure!

It really is such a great way to both bond with your companion and keep fit!

My connection with Border Collie Rescue is due to having had first hand experience with rescue dogs.
All of our family dogs have not only been Border Collies but also rescue dogs themselves.
I have a special connection with the breed and both it's great intelligence and loyalty.

These attributes however can also make them difficult to re-home.

The breed naturally bonds closely with one person, an ability which enables the dog to respond and work with its handler, so trust has to be established when introduced to a new owner.

Both our dogs had difficult early years but thanks to charities like Border Collie Rescue who work with the dogs, getting them used to interacting with new people, they got a second chance at a full and happy life.

Although running has been a hobby of mine for a while this will be my first official race.

Andrew raised £294

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