York Marathon 2013

Marathon Events

Support our work and help our dogs by getting yourself sponsored to run (or walk) in an event on behalf of Border Collie Rescue.
Any walk, run, marathon or half marathon you want to enter, anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Buy your own place and get in touch with us to register for a runners pack.
We will help you set up an online fundraising page so people can sponsor you with their debit or credit cards and set up a page (like this) for you on this website so people can sponsor you by other means.
Once you are registered with us we can send you out a personalised fundraising pack if you want to raise funds and take pledges on sponsorship forms.

You don't have to meet any fundraising targets but if you set a target above £75 and achieve at least that amount in sponsorship a week or so before the event we will send you a Border Collie Rescue runners T shirt to use on the day and keep as a souvenir.

If you agree a set target with us and achieve or exceed that target we will refund you the fee you paid for your place in the event.
The target will depend on the event and the entry fee charged, but would be the same target for every runner entering that event on our behalf.

Marathon & Half Marathon Events for 2017Head mounted camera


We have guaranteed charity places in the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Email us for details

We also have credits to purchase charity places in fun runs, marathons and shorter events run by GSI events.
Click here for a list or Email us

If you purchase your own place in any open Marathon or running event and want to raise funds for Border Collie Rescue, please get in touch with us by email (link at the bottom of this page) or phone.
Details on our contact page here.

Graham Roberts raised over £1400 in the London Marathon

The links below are to websites with lists of Marathons and Half Marathons.
Many of these are open events and you could book your own place and then run to raise funds for Border Collie Rescue.
Please check first to make sure the event is not restricted to charities that have paid the organisers a fee or is being specifically run for one particular charity.

List of UK Half Marathons - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

Marathon Runners Diary - Lists UK,  European International Marathons

Get in touch!

If you would like to run one of these events to help support the work of Border Collie Rescue Contact BCR to discuss your entry. Specify the event/s you want to enter.

If you book a place directly and agree to run for BCR we would supply you with a support package as explained on the link below. No strings attached - raise as much as you can.
If you choose to agree to a sponsorship target and reach or surpass that target we would refund you your booking fee after the event.

But if you don't want to get involved with sponsorship or raising funds for our work, we still want you to get out there and walk or run with your dog and Get Fit Together.
A dog is an excellent running or walking companion. They don't complain and they're always ready to go.
If you can't find events where you can run with your dog, make it your training companion!

If you have already organised your own place in these or any event, anywhere in the UK, and you want to raise some funds for the dogs we care for at Border Collie Rescue, please get in touch with us and join our team.

Medley of runners
Medley of runners

Kielder Marathon Lt Col Jan Pilgrim ran for Border Collie Rescue.

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